I'm Letting Go

© Josh Woodward

I've been sleeping with the lights on, buried in regrets 

Breaking into sweats, as a falling leaf

It's a natural reaction, driven to distraction, 

Clawing at the ghosts I'll never meet

Oh, I don't know, where they go

When they vanish in the corner of my eye

And I, don't know why, I don't know

If they stay below or rise up to the sky

But I'm letting go

I'm letting go

It's a history that never really grows

I'm letting go

I'm letting go

It's a silent wind that never really blows

I'm letting go

I'm a slave without a master, heading for disaster

Kicking up the dust in the middle of the road

I've been waiting on a free ride ticket

To a seaside thicket on the edge of Puget Sound

And there I'll sit, and I'll admit

That I was only just a guest inside my skin

And by the dawn, I'll be gone

And I won't be holding on to anything again